WestreamU AB provides affordable full service packages for live streamed web TV. On location for events or in our studio.

Our ambition is to always produce live mixed video that is aesthetically pleasing, with a high level of audience engagement. For on location events we offer ready to go packages with fixed prices. In addition we have a small multicam studio conventiently located in downtown Stockholm. Please check out our blog, where we share experiences, tips and tricks. Contact us for more information.


Real cases be seen in our showreel, in the examples found in our Showflow, or check out one exceptional HD production in the Highlight from SIME Stockholm 2012. We produced the SIME12 trailer embedded below using actual clips from the live production, and added some music, text and still images.

For contact and financial information, please see our contact page.

Behind the scene

Thanks to our portable equipment and skilled staff the installation time is short. Check out this short produmentary from one of our live productions:

The event is memorized for a long time. By using state-of-the-art web tv production tools and services we are able to offer productions at a fraction of the cost a couple of years ago. Together with our network of partners and suppliers we can easily expand our Small/Medium/Large packages to accomodate most needs. Except full HD broadcast quality, which other production companies do better.

Accessible livecasts

We are also using and developing solutions for accessible live web tv, primarily for those with hearing challenges or visually impaired. This includes live subtitling/captioning, audio descriptions and signing. How this is produced in real time, can be seen in Behind the scense at PTS’s very accessible livecast and the documentation video embedded here:


See also How to add subtitles and sign language to livecasts for a demo. We have also developed a few innovative and open solutions, including:

We are currently focused on the Swedish market. Of course nothing is stopping us from being engaged in productions involving other languages than Swedish. Neither are we afraid of carrying our Outside Broadcasting Case abroad. That’s right, we have no OB bus – a large suitcase or gear box typically hold all the equipment we need!

Turnkey solutions

In a limited scale we also provide customers with turnkey solutions based on VidBlaster.

Please feel free to contact Richard.Gatarski@westreamu.se, +4670-8802627, regarding your needs.

Below is a demo from a production in English for TEDxMälaren.