[Updated 2019-10-03 with a workaround for Flash restrictions and notions regarding the termination of Bambuser’s live streaming service]

This is documentation and a test page for ZignPlayer, a Flash (5.0) application for live/ondemand video with open signing that Westreamu have designed.

Current version beta 0.29 (no longer developed) is released as open source for further use and development. The source code, related files and brief documentation is downloadable from http://zignplayer.westreamu.se/zignplayerV0.29.zip.

ZignPlayer has been developed with support from The Swedish Post and Telecom agency (PTS). This project should be regarded as a source of inspiration rather than an ambition to create a fail proof player.

Any publisher can employ ZignPlayer by installing the player file (zignplayer.swf) and associated files on a web server. ZignPlayer can then be used in two modes:

  • In “live mode” the player shows a foreground video (typically with the signer) on top of a background video (typically the main video). Both these videos must be streamed using Bambuser’s live streaming services (no longer in service). ZignPlayer does not display any video until both pre-defined Bambuser channels become live. If one of the channels are interrupted, ZignPlayer waits until both streams are live again.
  • In “on demand mode” ZignPlayer can show published video files (flv/mp4) as foreground and background video from any server. It is also possible to define offset times that define the starting point for each channel.

Channel names, video URL:s and a few other necessary elements are defined in a configuration file (config.xml) which must be manually edited and uploaded to the Web. The player embed code can easily be inserted, and shared, in any Web page using <iframe>.

Example from Handikappförbunden

There is a short demo available that is using two video files recorded from a discussion concerning accessability, arranged by Handikappförbunden (now Funktionsrätt Sverige) during the Almedalen week 2010. Both streams were live streamed via Bambuser.

To see the demo you must enable your web browser to allow Flash*, and then visit http://zignplayer.westreamu.se/HSOalmedalen/index.html for the demo.

*Chrome Settings and search for Flash
*Edge Settings/Advanced