Case: TEDxYouth@Göteborg

November 20, 2011 Westreamu sponsored the live sign language interpretation of the livecast from TEDxYouth@Göteborg with our technology. The Gothenburg event was part of TEDxYouthDay, which took place in over 50 countries all over the world.

The original video was live produced by Mediatec solutions at the venue in Gothenburg and streamed to the web via Qbrick. In Örebro (300 km away from Gothenburg) aveProduktion generously managed to find two of their best sign artists. They, Helena Wästborn and Ulf Liljenbäck, worked in one of the studios at the Interpretation centre in Örebro, where the feed from Gothenburg was received, signed, and further streamed via Bambuser.

Artistic sign language interpretation? Well, take a look at a clip from Marcus Kruse’s talk, where Ulf Liljenbäck is taken by surprise – with the task to interpret unannounced rap music (Movits! Balaclavaboogie, feat. Timbuktu & Promoe).

The local recordings of the sign language interpreted talks at TEDxYouth@Göteborg 2011 are avialable at YouTube. You can find them in the YouTube playlist TEDxYouth@Göteborg 11/20/11 [Sign Language].

For related information (in Swedísh) see our November 18 blog post.