WestudioU – the affordable web TV Studio in downtown Stockholm

Guests in the studio sofa, with a camera in the foreground

WestudioU is our multicam video studio in central Stockholm, perfect for quick and cost effective web TV productions. For prices, and illustrative production cases see our studio page in Swedish.

Everything is live mixed and can of course be streamed live on the open internet as well as for closed intranets. We are able to cut and deliver recordings within minutes after the cameras are turned off. Even on short notice we are able to produce everything from exciting news announcements or informative webinars to cosy talk shows including guests via Skype. Inside the studio office there is also room for a small audience.

Some of the quipment we have at place include:

  • FullHD cameras (fixed, PTZ, and jib)
  • Four complete wireless microphones (earset/headset/lapel)
  • Cabled microphones (interview, speech, song)
  • Skype integration
  • Telephone integration
  • Smart TV
  • 18 channel audio mixer with effects
  • PA audio
  • Intercom
  • In-ear (for host instructions)
  • Green screen
  • LED lights
  • Various curtains (black, white)
  • Truss for lights, backdrops, etc.
  • Studio furniture (sofa, tables, chairs, barstools, bar tables)
  • Studio clock

Updated August 7, 2018