Earlier this week we were approached by Medialooks, a well known developer of Software Development Kits for video production and broadcast applications. They were impressed by our previous use of NDI, and asked if we were interested  in checking out their prototype MVP released prior to IBC 2017. Of course we said yes

Yesterday we got a chance to download an early beta (now available) and began trying it out. It didnt’ take many minutes for us to realize that this was very interesting. In order to celebrate our previous experiment we decided to execute yet another crazy approach. Last time we used NDI over almost 20 km of fiber to cross produce a live event in Kista with sign interpretation in our Stockholm studio.

So what’s the point we Medialooks’ new software? Whereas a point-to-point connection via fiber provides excellent quality, it is rather expensive and seldom available. In particular when there is a long distance between the production sites (e.g. between cities or countries). The aim with Medialooks NDI & SDI over internet is to be able to use the public internet, albeit still with decent bandwith (around 20 mbps for each video feed). Sidenote: Sienna’s Cloud for NDI is another solutuion for NDI over internet. It has been available for some time, but requires a “gateway computer” to be set up at each location.

As time was short (IBC’s exibition opens today) we had no plan and no booked venue. So Richard just went back to Kista with a camera, microphone, a laptop running vMix, and a 4G mobile connection. He set it up, connected with our studio in Stockholm, and started talking.

How it went? Look for yourself in the video recording we made.