For quite a while I have searched for a low cost and effective solution to go wireless, without sacrifying video quality. After many trials, errors, and costly experimentation I finally ended up with a working solution.

See for yourself in the video clip DIY wireless ‘n steady cam I produced yesterday evening. I recorded to wmv, the livestreamed version is archived at Bambuser.

Later I might publish a longer blog post describing everything in detail. Until then, here are the main parts:

  • VidBlaster 2.21, set to 1920×1080 @25 fps
  • Streaming to Bambuser, 1280×720, h.264 @ 1184 kpbs
  • Asus P9X79 Workstation motherboard
  • Intel i7 3960X
  • Asus GTX560
  • Canon Legria HF M406, 1080i, HDMI wireless to BM Intensity Pro
  • JVC GH30, 720p, HDMI cable to BM Intensity Pro
  • Noname GBS-331-02 HD Wireless HDMI
  • Makita power tool 7.2V battery
  • Recom R-78B5.0-1.5 Switched regulator (convert from 7.2 V)
  • Makita battery charger (converted to a holder and voltage regulator)

A few notes:

Most of the tearing (occiasional horizontal “cuts”) is likely caused by the cameras’ different video resolutions/interlacing, and not the wireless part.

In the video I said that the stream could be seen live on an iPhone. Unfortunately I forgot to check that, so finding that out is a another story. Although the archived version can indeed be watched on iOS, it is in reduced resolution.

But it is really true that we have used the gear in question at earlier occasions. Most recently at an outdoor seminar in Almedalen for Ratio and at a mingling event at H+K Strategies Stockholm office.