To the left is a short “behind the camera” video from the Opening ceremony of Intersteno 2015. At this international congress Richard Gatarski was invited to giva a short presentation. It was much appreciated, and even included a “da capo” moment. Watch Richard’s presentation in full, read more about how it relates to the Congress’ opening, and check out some of the material that was demonstrated.

During Saturday July 18 to Thursday 24, 2015 the 50th Intersteno congress took place in Budapest. Intersteno is “an evergreen worldwide community uniting all those using a full range of speed writing methods to quickly produce high quality texts”. Clearly that is a community of great value as WestreamU continously develop solutions for increased accessibility to live streaming.

Richard Gatarski, founder of WestreamU, went to Budapest to meet reporters, captioners, stenographers, and representatives from Velotype. Together with Velotype WestreamU are developing a new application to caption/subtitle live streams, based on their Text-On-Top range of products.

Already on the first meetings, late Friday, Richard was asked both to present at the conference and to film the Opening Ceremony at Saturday afternoon. The opening ceremony was also live captioned in English on the projection screen. In addition the audience could get automatic translations on tablets in one of 10 languages. The translations was facilitated by a recent addition to Text-On-Top.

Tuesday was conference day, chaired by Dr. Carlo Eugeni. The presenters included Tibor and Katalin Varga (HU), Takahiro Sumino (JP), Seokyeon Shon (KR), Tatsuya Kawahara (JP), Tsuguo Kaneko (JP), Kim Hanwoo (KR), Patricia Graves (US), and Domingo José Mazza (AR).

During the weekend Richard had quickly prepared a 20 minute talk, to be followed by a 10 minute Q&A. Sander Pasveer from Velotype kindly recorded the whole presentation with his handheld camera. With his permession we have published it on YouTube. The video is also embedded below, followed by links to things related to the presentation.

Richard’s slides can be seen/downloaded from Slideshare. You can also check out the live streaming demo he did with Bambuser, read more about how we live captioned the Swedish Prime Minister, and watch a behind the scene from a production that included live captioning, live sign language interpretation, as well as audio descriptions.